Michael Van Clarke tells us how we can get 3 more inches of great hair!

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Ever looked at the ends of your hair and lamented at the state of the hair there?  Could it be that part of your hair is, in some cases – years old?  It has practically no moisture left in it and no ability to hold any should it become available.  Modern shampoos that offer to give thicker, fuller hair – do in fact, coat the hair in silicone.  This gives a very temporary bulkiness to the end of the shaft but doesn’t provide any long term improvement in the look of the hair and can actually weigh it down.  The hair at the last third of the shaft in long hair is often very brittle – leading to people complaining they can’t grow their hair past a certain length.  In damaged hair, the hair literally snaps away.

The point is, once your hair has grown out of the scalp, it cannot repair itself.  UV damage, chlorine and styling tools and products accelerate the damage allowing the cuticle to become raised.  This makes your hair hard to comb and looking pretty crappy.  If you want that bright, vibrant, glossy hair at the top of your head – Michael Van Clarke reckons 3 more inches can give you that back and he’s pioneered this formula through years of research and testing in a demanding salon and session environments.  We are going to put his claims to the test over the next few months, as his product is not a “quick fix” serum that coats the outer hair.  We are going to be working from the inwards out.

You can read more information at the website http://www.3moreinches.com/ including a very useful tips and advice page noting in particular, how to blow dry your hair properly!

So in the meantime I will leave you with some shots of the beautiful salon in Marlyebone.  If you have been inspired to check out the products for yourself – why not pop in for a chat?  You can also look at the products in greater detail online at Space NK

The salon just as it was getting dark outside. Loads of great lighting!


Some of the items in the 3 more inches range


Amazing chandelier in the colouring room!


Michael pictured at the event (centre) who was very open, honest and welcoming to us strangers in the salon.   Some of his clients have been with the salon for more than 20 years!


The range we will be trialling. Pre-wash treatment (the most important step) the shampoo and conditioner but we will go through this all in more detail after a few weeks/a month of review.


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