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Getting a good pedi at home can be hard work.  First there’s all the scrubbing.  In the “old days” that meant getting into an uncomfortable, bent over position and scrubbing away with vigour using a piece of rock dug up from a volcano.  Great.  More recently “cheese-grater” style tools have been created to really hack away at that nasty super hard skin on your heels and balls of your feet.  They did the job but it wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience!

So in this 21st Century – what can a girl do to get gorgeous feet?  MICRO Pedi have the solution for beautiful, smooth feet in seconds!  A hand friendly device – easy to grip and reach around the backs of your heels – it has revolutionised the way we care for our feet and given back soft, presentable feet to the nation.

How does it work?

The unique micro-mineral roller which spins 360⁰, at an amazing 30 times a second, painlessly removing microscopic layers of hard, dry skin.  No scrubbing or cheese-grating here…just a simple, easy to use tool that comes with a 5 star customer rating.

You get two variations of rollers that you can swap over depending on how tough and hard your skin is – course and extra course – so you don’t over do it on your skin – start with the coarse and move on to the extra course if you need it.  You can also replace the rollers once you have used them all up – directly from the website so no hassle trying to track them down.

The ergonomic silicone grip handle of the MICRO Pedi ensures complete control, while the water-resistant taper-angled head lets you reach the hardest of places with the greatest of ease. It works quickly and effectively to remove calluses, corns and dry cracked skin.



As with any product – we can say all these wonderful things about it but when you read the customer reviews it will become clearer how much of a hero product this is.

Professionals love it – David Barton, celebrity nail artist at Percy & Reed salon and pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez have both talked about the great results with the product.

Customers say;

“I have been going to a Chiropodist every six weeks for the past 15 years and in between visits I have used a pumice stone. My Micro Pedi was delivered today and after about 4 minutes use my feet are smoother than they have ever been. I am amazed and delighted, I would recommend this product to anybody. Thank you so much!”

“I am utterly astounded by this product. The last time my feet felt so smooth I’d paid a vast amount of money for a pedicure. The product is stylish, easy to use and does what is says it does. The amount of time and energy I expended using a hand file is history. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is one product that will get regular use. Am so delighted with it.”

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