My steps to nail recovery

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Not taking care of your nails can result in an horrific scene as you can see demonstrated below!  Chipped varnish, prominent cuticles, skin problems round the outside of the nail and weakened, flaky nails.  Many daily activities can take their toll on our nails including washing dishes, exposure to bleach and very cold conditions!

I’m going to talk you through my step by step nail recovery plan, what kinds of products I’ll be using and hopefully some great “after” images!

First things first, I will need a great nail strengthener/hardener to improve the condition of the nail itself.  After much asking around including a few dedicated nail bloggers (we loved the Nailasaurus) OPI Nail Envy came out as the top pick.  I’ve got some on order from here and it will be with me tomorrow.

Other tools at my disposal that I’ll be using will include;

A pampering hand treatment with cotton gloves – nightly hand repair until the skin around the nails improves

A daily hand and nail cream to provide ongoing hydration

Cuticle oil, important to soften and push back the cuticle

Nail care pen, to treat the actual nail itself before Nail Envy

Crystal nail file to keep nails neat and in check.

So number one on the list before my Nail Envy arrives – get the old varnish off, treat the nail with the care pen and cuticle oil and pamper hands with the overnight cream.


My grotty nails. I’m so sorry for the picture!


H20 Pampering nail cream and DiPalomo daily and nail cream


Cuticle oil and LCN nail care pen in a tasty apple and cinnamon flavour!


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