Nakd Fruit and Nut Bits

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Following on from the roaring success of the Nakd bars of yummy fruitiness comes the Nakd Bits.  They are perfect for sharing as they are in bite sized pieces ideal for the car or to pop in your desk drawer.  Come the new year when you are keen to detox from the over indulgence and partying you can swap your boxes of chocolates and celebrations for these pure and delightful snacks.


Nakd products tend to contain simple ingredients such as dates, cashew nuts, oranges and berries with no additives and are perfect for adults and children alike, you don’t have to worry about them running around with loads of E numbers in their systems.  They are also wheat, dairy and XX free.

Current flavours available in Nakd Fruit and Nut bits are Berry Delight, Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Orange.

Available in Tesco nationwide!


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