Natasha Hamilton spills the beans on her good health

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British singer-songwriter Natasha Hamilton, best known for being a part of girl band Atomic Kitten, has successfully quit smoking after years of trying to stop.

Natasha, 30 years old, started smoking as a teenager and at the height of her addiction would smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day.

 “In the past, I tried to quit smoking using willpower alone but it never worked. This past New Year, I was finally tired of failing to quit and, knowing how hard it is, saw my GP who talked me through options I hadn’t previously considered. Seeking help from a healthcare professional was the best decision I made in my mission to become smoke-free. I feel like I can finally call myself a non-smoker and there’s a real sense of freedom to that.”

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Natasha, who is mother to three boys, was able to give up smoking while pregnant but started up the habit again due to social smoking, which was her self-admitted weakness. This year she decided the health of her family was another reason to give up for good.

“My family is a big source of inspiration. I want my children to grow up leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes not smoking. I’m so pleased with myself for giving it up and I’m seeing the benefits. I have more energy to play with my boys and I’m finding exercise easier than ever. The extra money is also a benefit – I use it to spoil my boys, and sometimes myself with the odd pair of shoes!”

Natasha, who reunited this year with Atomic Kitten, said “Cigarettes would make my voice become croaky and since quitting I’ve noticed a difference, especially as I can now hold notes for much longer. As well as my hair and clothes not smelling like cigarettes, I’ve also noticed my skin is less dry with more colour in my cheeks and a real improvement in my complexion.”

Natasha admits to trying to quit more than 20 times in the past 10 years, but gave herself the goal to quit by the time she was in her thirties. “I have every faith that this is the final time for me! My GP put together a quit plan for me which really helped me feel supported and took away the stress of going cold turkey. I want other smokers who are trying to quit to realise they don’t have to go it alone and that there is free expert help out there, which could ultimately allow them to save thousands of pounds!”

Natasha Hamilton is supporting the “Don’t Go Cold Turkey” campaign to let smokers know about the FREE expert support available from healthcare professionals, which can help increase their chances of quitting by up to four times compared to willpower alone.  Visit to find help near you or call 0800 00 22 55 for instant advice.


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