Natural sweetness 100% from fruit – Sweet Freedom launches in the UK

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Introducing – SWEET FREEDOM!

The sweetness staple that’s revolutionising UK kitchens. With 25% less calories and an all important low GL, it has all the taste and versatility of natural sugar, with none of the crashes associated.  It’s a real innovation in sweetness – it’s made only from fruit (just apples, grapes and carob), so it’s naturally better for you.
A further health benefit is that it’s low in fructose: SWEET FREEDOM has only 23g of fructose per 100g, far lower than sugar at 50g, honey at 40g and agave syrup at 90g.

Here are some suggestions t0 enjoy SWEET FREEDOM during the week:

Monday: stir it into coffee

Tuesday: drizzle the dark syrup on pancakes

Wednesday:squeeze and stir through porridge

Thursday: smear on toast and sprinkle with cinnamon

Friday: use to bake cupcakes or cookies

Saturday: Whizz up a smoothie

Sunday: glaze your Sunday roast

This natural syrup comes in two varieties:

  • SWEET FREEDOM Original replaces all white sugar and other artificial sweeteners with its neutral sugar-like taste
  • SWEET FREEDOM Dark is richer in taste and replaces all brown sugar, honey, golden syrup and maple syrup

SWEET FREEDOM is available in 350g squeezy bottles with a drip free cap (absolutely no mess or stickiness – hurrah!) from Waitrose and Morrison’s (sugar shelf aisle).  Retailing at £2.99.


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