Nursery needs -Top tips for first time parents on nursery essentials

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It’s easy to get over excited when you’re planning for the perfect nursery as there are so many lovely products on the market, plus friends and family will be recommending all sorts of items and gadgets they think you should have.  when buying essentials for your baby, making sure the quality is top drawer is very important, babygoss have buying guides to educate new mums out there which is the best brand of each product.

However, you may be restricted by budget or space so going totally over the top might not be possible as the arrival of your little one fast approaches. In order to rein it in and not over spend here are some useful tips for choosing which items to invest in, so that a gorgeous yet practical nursery is within your grasp no matter what your restrictions are:

·         Moses baskets

A Moses basket can keep babies cosy and comfy in their first few months, plus these are easy for parents to move from room to room, whilst they get into a routine.  As well as being easy to store they are also cost effective as a cot bed can be pricey and you may have already spent a lot preparing for your baby’s arrival, so a Moses basket can make a good temporary bed.  When purchasing a Moses basket think about the length of the handles as well as getting a stand, these will help with how portable it is.  Also consider one with a hood so that you can keep your little one shaded and cool if the weather is warmer. Many parents opt for a Moses basket but it is worth pointing out they do have limited use as once your baby can pull itself up, normally after four months, it may not be practical anymore.

·         Cot or cot bed

It’s worth spending some time deciding if you want a cot or a cot bed, which will last you much longer than a Moses basket, some up to when your child is eight or nine years old, so could be more cost effective. Cots can take up a lot of space so first thing to do once you’ve decided on a cot or cot bed is to think about the space in which you want it to go and measure up. Most cots have a drop side; make sure your cots meet European Safety Standards.

·         Changing unit

In order to save your knees and back from repeated strain invest in a changing unit that’s at a good height so your back is comfortable.  A changing unit is helpful as well if you’re using a baby bath. You can pop this on there at an optimum level for your back.  Many changing units have the extra benefit of storage, a great place to keep all you changing kit.

·        Nursery chair

There are many specialist breastfeeding chairs available on the market, but what’s important is that you and your baby can sit and feed happily together.  Whether you go for a specialist chair or one that is simply comfy, making sure it supports your back is important. You might want to also consider a rocking chair design to help soothe your little one whilst in the chair. It’s not necessary to sit in the chair for every fed but you may be very grateful for a comfortable place to sit when doing night feeds.

·        Storage 

You will be surprised at how much stuff little ones need, plus all the gorgeous stuff family and friends will possibly buy you.  A small wardrobe or a set of drawers should be plenty of room, remember babies grow out of things quite quickly too so you’ll be changing their wardrobe more than your own.

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