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You know when you are somewhere shopping and you see products at a great price, it’s nothing you really need but pretty things you will certainly use?  This is what the NYX site is like.  Each item isn’t much more than a fiver so there’s always room to round up your total basket price!

I was after some glitter shadows – I’d had my heart set on M.A.C Glitter pigments but I just couldn’t justify the price and they weren’t that easy to get a hold of.  So hunting around various cosmetic retails I came across these pretty palettes in NYX.  Thus began my pillage of their website!  www.nyxcosmeticsstore.co.uk


I started then looking for dupes to other products I had wanted elsewhere.  This blusher in Raisin had been mentioned as a NARS Doceur dupe so was keen to try it out.  Had also recently been disappointed with a palette I bought from America by a brand called Lorac.  Really pretty and the colours all looks plums and browns in the blog review I read.  They were all just brown 🙁  So I was on a quest for a purple that didn’t make my eye look bruised!  This shade below in Aubergine was perfect and I love the packaging and the quantity of the product.

I had been keen to try pencil style lipsticks, the whole thing kinda bypassed me so here they were nice and cheap and I was able to pick up a few to try them out.  They are pretty good, nice and shiny.  One is nude and one a little more pink.

Finally – I was after a dupe of M.A.C Yoghurt and this shade called Birthday Suit seemed to be a good replacement!  The lipstick I went for another shade of pink and I was very kindly sent the trio of brown shadows at the back which are quite shimmery and to the right is the Illuminating Bronzer by the PR team for NYX.  I had to go hunting for myself of course 🙂  I’m sure I will be back to this website when I need a makeup fix!

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