October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Please Do Your Bit To Help

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Breakthrough.org.uk is the first and leading charity for breast cancer research in the UK. This England & Wales registered organisation now funds 25% of all breast cancer research in the UK. The story began 25 years ago by Bill Freedman when, following the loss of his wife to this terrible disease, he raised £15m for the first dedicated breast cancer research charity. Now employing over 270 scientists the charity develops new treatments and saves women’s lives. Additionally it educates women towards breast cancer awareness by recognising early symptoms of the disease.

In the last 15 years Breakthrough scientists have:
· Identified a faulty gene that puts people with a history of breast cancer at risk (1995)
· Developed a drug (a PARP inhibitor) that targets tumours and leaves healthy cells alone (2005)
· Developed the world’s first breast check app iBreastCheck (2010)

Breakthrough.org.uk is working towards:
· 30% prevention of breast cancer by 2050
· Survival of all men and women diagnosed with breast cancer
· Identifying the mechanisms through which secondary breast cancer (cancer that returns and spread to the rest of the body) works.

See www.breakthrough.org.uk for comprehensive information and for ways you can donate funds to this worthy cause.

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