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Why are so many women continuing a stressful lifestyle only to look forward to those rare holidays or spa vacations? Travelling to and from these locations are a stress in themselves and with so many of the population under pressure it’s about time we all learn to spoil ourselves every hour of the day. So, if like most of us you are looking for a way to relax this year, without breaking the bank, then Oregon Scientific might be the answer for you. 

This innovative and undeniably sophisticated company has designed products aimed towards your well being using sleek designs, tranquil sounds and some products even including delicious aromas that will put that bog standard air freshener to shame. 

Oregon Scientifics concept is “smart living” living healthily in an age where technology is everywhere and using technology to aid health both spiritually and physically. Their range includes aromatherapy, massage, dawn simulators, beautiful clocks and much more, with unique ideas that have never been seen before (such as 3D massage technology) and award winning products.

Even if massage chairs, portable massage gadgets, massage cushions and waterproof massage gadgets are not for you there are some products that can give you the same relaxation without being as intrusive to your body. For those that suffer from depression, or find that you really just can’t wake up in the morning knowing you’re going to be sitting at work missing valuable sunlight, i.wake up clock uses a dawn simulator that slowly lights up the room with a natural glow. The idea is that this helps your body to release Cortisol, a hormone that helps combat stress, and allows a natural way to wake up.

The difference with this alarm clock is that you won’t be waking up to an irritating sound that tears you from sleep by screaming in your ear but rather soothing meditation music or even something of your own choosing as it allows an Ipod to be plugged into it. Gone too will be the days of rolling over, groaning and hitting the snooze button in a half sleep whilst praying the clock doesn’t fall off the side, this clock has an IR motion detector allowing you to simply wave a hand to turn it off.

My personal favourite from the range had to be I.relax all senses aroma diffuser, which not only tells the time, plays relaxation music and lights the room with calming colours but gently fills the room with divine smelling aromatherapy oils tailored to help your well being.  You can set it to stop or start at any time, and unlike incense sticks it can burn as long as you need it too and not leave behind a pile of ash. All of these products are aptly named the Wellness Collection from Oregon Scientific and are the perfect way to indulge your senses any hour of the day.


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