Our Pick of Falls Wines for 2012

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It’s that time of the year again when the weather cools, days get shorter and leaves begin to go brown. Yep, autumn is upon us and with that we thought we’d bring you a selection of ‘Falls’ wines, that is all the last flavours of summer, with a hint of what’s to come.

Stone’s Ginger Wine
This is one of our all time faves, especially because it is so versatile. Sip on its own as a winter warmer or shake with any of the mixers available on the supermarket. We liked it with warm milk! Available from all major supermarkets, retailers and pubs RRP £5.49. See www.stonesgingerwine.com

Hardys Crest Sparkling Rosé

This lively rose is another favourite because its fresh fruit nose with hints of red berries is so easy on the palate all year round. It is a summery bouquet instantly perks up the atmosphere and leaves the palate clean. Great alone or at parties. Can also accompany seafood dishes. Available at Tesco RRP £10.49.

Beringer’s range of juicy reds is just perfect for the cooler months. We liked their Classic Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 which combines velvety feel in the mouth with a bouquet of toasted plums. Even more delicious is their Classic Zinfandel which owns all the spice you can expect from this grape. Both wines are priced at £8.99 RRP and are available from Asda and Ocado.

See www.beringer.com for more great wines. Beringer is owned by Treasury Wines who are a global wine company with a leading international portfolio of new world wines.

Laithwaites – see main photo, wines left to right

Once again the world-class team at Latihwaites have come up trumps.

Litho Riesling 2010 from Germany’s Mosel Valley
Our pick of the whites is this simple and attractively packaged unoaked dry wine which is bursting with wildflower and citrus notes. It is crisp on the palate and the finish is long and loaded with a mineral tang. From £8.49 per bottle.

Bastiana Malbec Rose 2011 from Argentina
All the red fruits go into this lively still rose made form the Malbec grape. It’s a medium weight from Argentina so you can expects hints of spice to crop up somewhere along the line. The long finish is buoyed by a smattering of herbs. Enjoy with light meals or on its own. From £7.99 per bottle.

Do check out Pillastro Selezione d’Oro 2009 from Italy.
Made from Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes. Just holding the weighty bottle tells you all you need to know. Produced in fifty year old vineyards, the wine is dense, very smooth and black in appearance. After ageing nine months in oak, it has a spicy finish. Great with full flavoured red meat dishes. RRP £11.99

Château Millegrand Mourral Grande Réserve 2010 from France. This appellation controllee Minervois made by the Bonfils family is one of the New Vintages to come from Laithwaites. Ageing in oak for two years produces its black fruit nose and spicy bouquet punch. Lingering notes of cinnamon mix well with the leathery finish. Best drunk at room temperature and with game dishes heavy red meat dishes. RRP £8.99.

For the complete catalogue of handpicked wines which can be brought to your door See www.laithwaites.co.uk

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