Pick a healthier snack this summer

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Summer is the time when you want to maintain the kind of figure you can show off in a crop top or pretty bikini.  Picking the right snack is helpful in reducing bloating and avoiding excess fat and sugar.

The 9-bar was originally a carob covered hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seed bar and it was surprisingly tasty for something so nutritious.  However the manufacturers realised that not everyone has a sweet tooth and came up with four dazzling alternatives to slip into your bag and keep you going throughout the day.

Anglesey Sea Salt – great for after exercise to replenish lost salts or maybe as a replacement for salty crisps in a bar you can plug a gap before dinner with this one.

Cracked Black Pepper – If you need a savoury hit during the day, perhaps between lunch and dinner this more traditional tasting bar will be great to have with a cup of tea,

For those if you with more adventurous tastes you could try the sweet chilli or firecracker chilli flavours!

65p from Waitrose nationwide


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