Planning Your Summer Working Holiday

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A working holiday is perfect for career-focused people also interested in exploring the world, as well as those looking to challenge their own perceptions of life on Earth. Even if you’re unsure of what you want in the future, a summer job abroad can help you realise what you seek in life and put you on the path to achievement. Not only can you fund your trip as you go, but also gain valuable experience that’ll demonstrate your ability to survive in new and challenging environments.

Working in a new country provides unparalleled excitement and you’re certain to discover something new about yourself and your future hopes. Being prepared for your trip will maximise what you gain from it, and whilst I’m sure many people have had fantastic trips without planning a single bit, this is a working holiday and your organisational skills will help you succeed.

Where to go?

Deciding where to go is a big choice. You have the entire world laid out before you and a wealth of knowledge at your disposal that will help you succeed and adapt to life in each. Take into account your end-goals, each country can offer you a relative amount of experience based on your ideal profession. For example, if you’re interested in education try teaching English in China or South Korea. There’s a huge demand for native English speakers and a wealth of programmes that’ll support you with development, finances and accommodation.

Ultimately, choose the destination that appeals to you the most on a personal level or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Do you prefer sandy beaches or bustling cities? Talk to friends and family and find out where’s worth visiting.

What to do?

Summer jobs abroad are most rewarding with a clear vision of what is hoped to be accomplished. Whilst it is important to consider how a working holiday can improve your employability, also consider the ways it can improve your understanding of different cultures and worlds beyond your own. Approaching this opportunity with an open mind is the key to succeeding.

If you’re planning to attend University after your working summer, try and find something that will help prepare you for your course. Consult your past skills and education to make the best decision on what you’ll be well suited for.

Being Prepared

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There are number of basics in this area that you’ll be surprised some travellers forget. Forgetting to pack everything in your suitcase is a surprisingly big one, as is failing to take out any travel insurance and blowing your holiday budget before you’ve even set out. Plan accordingly and well in advance if possible, as leaving it all to the last minute is very stressful and prevents you from focusing on other important aspects of your trip. Travel insurance is absolutely essential and guarantees you the right of healthcare; also make sure you have an EHIC card if you’re travelling within the European Union.

Shop around when looking for currency conversion. Some stores will offer you a much better deal than others, such as free insurance or the option of a pre-paid card. Finding a deal that suits your needs best is all about being patient and whilst it may be tempting to take the first offer that you get, you could end up regretting it. Make sure you complete this step well in advance, as airports, ferries and other last minute conversion sites usually offer the worst rates.

Be Alert

As wonderful as it can be, the world is an ever-changing geo-politically shifting sphere of clashing and contrasting communities that can often swell into unexpectedly dangerous situations. Before travelling anywhere in the world to work, be aware of what is happening. Travel alerts should be followed carefully before planning your trip, as well as any limits or restrictions placed upon your national status.

Follow independent news outlets for up-to-date information on potential travel locations. Your government or travel consultant will sometimes warn you of any problems posed from your desired destination, but not always, so make sure you’re up to speed on what’s happening in the world.

Good Luck

Once you’ve arrived in your seasonal home, the rest is up to you! Familiarising yourself with your new surroundings will be the crucial next step; find out about the best places to eat and drink, talk to some locals and immerse yourself in your new setting.

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