Poundland makeup haul

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Poundland can be very hit and miss makeup wise – you can’t really swatch anything and you can only pick out of the colours that are there.  Everything is arranged in little hanging pouches but for £1 a pop you can pick up a few good bargains!

Sleek lipsticks.  Okay colour – pink is a bit washed out and the beige is more bronze than it looked on the colour tab on the bottom.  Not overly long lasting either.  Even though they are £1 I would probably not purchase again due to lower quality and would rather save up and get a better one.

Nivea lipstick (light blue packaging)  This one is a lovely colour, sweet rhubarby shade of pink with a nice consistency.  Good bargain for £1- lasts okay better than the Sleek ones.

Rimmel Colour Mousse in “Mermaid”  Stunning shimmery blue colour.  Very summery and wouldn’t pay more than £1 for this very unusual colour as it would be used very infrequently.  Another excellent bargain.

Maybelline Jade mascara in blue. It’s a lot lighter blue than I’ve seen in blue mascaras…kind of like a petrol blue.  Nice though – good consistency and doesn’t smudge.  Great for £1.

L-R Sleek lipstick in “Cashmere” Rimmel Colour Mousse in “Mermaid” Nivea Lipstick and Sleek Lipstick in “Satin” with Maybelline mascara at the back

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