Preparing for your New Year Party: How to Make an Impression

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New Year festivities often take a sad second best to the sparkle and excitement of Christmas, and budgeting for an additional party, especially if that means investing in a whole new outfit! Fortunately this year, Christmas spending hit its highest peak since the great recession, leaving retail stores in a great position to offer amazing deals in the post Christmas sale period!

Make the Dress your Focal Point

Even taking the recent economic growth in mind, you are bound to be constrained by some form of budget. You need to spend this wisely, with the majority being set aside for your choice of dress. This should serve as the focal point of your entire outfit, and something which draws attentions and set the tone for the look that you are hoping to cultivate. You should also commit as much as time as possible into searching for your dream dress, and this has been purchased you can focus on embellishing the outfit.

Invest in High Quality and Affordable Accessories

While you may consider certain accessories or jewellery to be relatively expensive, the range of choice now available online makes it far easier to embellish your outfit on a budget. Resources such as Mark Milton even specialise in the supply of dazzling party jewellery and personalised statement bracelets, which can accompany even the most beautiful festive attire. This is especially important if you are looking to create a far-reaching visual impression, as the smallest details sometimes makes the most impact.

Choose the Right Make-up to Compliment your Outfit

Make-up is one of the most underrate aspects of your outfit, and one that can have a huge impact on your appearance. Choosing a foundation that is too dark for your skin tone or outfit can undermine the way you look, for example, while you will also need to be selective with regards to balancing the application of different shades. So if you decide to use a bold lipstick to accompany a vivid and brightly coloured dress, you should use more subtle tones and shades around the eyes.


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