“The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza” perfect for Easter!

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When you want to give something a bit different in the chocolate stakes – perhaps you want to amuse or impress someone – we thought this fab chocolate “pizza” was a fantastic idea.

Every detail has been copied – a perfect pizza box replica, pre sliced wedges of silky smooth milk chocolate and topped with curls of white chocolate and chunks of fudge – this is a fun gift for a chocolate lover.  The wedges are pretty thick so it’s easy to have just one slice and save the rest for later…the difference with this pizza is that it will taste as good as new the next day.

If you are giving to an adult and want something a little different that will make them smile and delivered to their door for your convenience.  They come in two sizes -7″ and 10″ and a wide variety – we tried Munchy Crunchy but there’s also ” Birthday” Pizzas for various ages, Ultimately Orange, Strawberry & Champagne and Heavenly Honeycomb.

Check out the fantastic range here at Prezzybox

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