Radical Skincare Eye Revive Creme

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I find it hard to find eye creams that aren’t too thick – anything too heavy under the eye area feels like it congeals there and you can’t go ahead and put on makeup until it has properly soaked in.  We are led to believe by good old marketing bods that unless your eye cream is thick and rich then it won’t do the job.

The Eye Revive Cream tested by a USDA lab, was proven to be more potent in antioxidant protection than leading brands.

The 4 week results are promising – we like the smooth and refined look under the eye and the lightness of the application as it means we can just pop our makeup on and get out of the house.  It’s easy to apply and appears to be keeping the crows feet at bay (for the moment)  It also smells quite nice and cucumbery!  Other than just the wrinkles/crows feet which were my major concern – this cream also tackles;

Dark Circles – look minimised even in bad light

Puffiness – no discernible puffiness

Loss of hydration – skin is left soft and smooth, not tacky

If you are approaching your 30’s and need to start a good eye care routine, this would be an excellent place to begin.  The product is very user friendly and deals with a number of concerns within the same delivery system.  The only minor flaw is the price – £80 for a bottle could be a little restrictive on some pockets but you only need a very little of the product so it could last for a while.

Ingredients include; Green coffee, hylasome (water delivery system), mala’kite (detoxifyer), Gatuline (anti-aging)

15ml £80 from Space NK

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