Redecorating with little effort or money

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With the new year of 2014 looming just around the corner, many of us are starting to think of the changes that we could make to improve our lives over the next twelve months. Some will try and take up a new exercise regime or give up some of their bad habits, while others might decide it’s time to redecorate the house.

Here are just some small changes you could make if you don’t feel like doing the whole thing, or you simply don’t have the money to.

Just change the interiors

If you don’t think that you need to replace your furniture or bother painting your walls, then you could just change some of the little things like the curtains and your cushion covers to something different that matches your room. Although not major, you and your will still notice that you’ve done something different.

Move things around

When you think about it, you may realise that you’re happy with everything that you have, you just don’t like the way it is. Just moving the things that you have to change the layout of the room and maybe swapping things like lamps from one room to another can be just as satisfying.

Look into lighting

Sometimes when we redecorate, we don’t always give a thought to our light fittings. If you don’t feel like changing much in your room, then you could just change these so that you have something different to look at, and maybe even a new level of lighting. You could even think about getting some fire-rated down lights that would help to slow the spread of fire in your home.

Only change the important things

If you’d love a new kitchen but you’re happy with the layout or you don’t have enough money for one right now, ask your provider if they would offer you a service or deal where you keep the shell and layout as it is, but just buy new cabinet doors and worktops.

Change the family photos

Changing the family photos that you have in the room, and putting them in nice, new frames can be a good way to change the look of a room. You could also have a look in local second hand shops or the post Christmas sales to see if you can get any cheaply.

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