Save Big Style on Your Winter Holiday

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Traveling during wintertime can be a beautiful adventure. Whether you like to embrace the cold season or instead, disappear to a more temperate climate, the options are many. Of course with Christmas already being a very expensive time for most families, a costly vacation might not be economically viable. But fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep things nice and cheap.

House Swapping

One of the chief costs of a winter holiday is the price of accommodation. Particularly if you are venturing to a popular tourist area, such as the ski slopes of Switzerland or the French Riviera. Fortunately though, you can eliminate much of this expense by swapping houses for the holidays. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have friends who live in a desirable location? If so, see if they would like to swap homes, and enjoy some of your local surroundings (presuming that you live in a desirable area as well!). Or if not, there are plenty of forums, groups and sites online which facilitate house swaps all year round. You simply connect with someone who lives in a town you’d like to visit, establish their interest in your own area, and arrange the swap.

Outdoor Living

If you live in a climate that is fairly warm during the winter season, sleeping outdoors can be a great way to save money, and you could even rent out your home in the meantime. There is a certain freedom and romanticism to a winter camping adventure; outside with the elements, experiencing the stillness of nature and the liberation of the open road. You can either bring your own tents or camper van, or hire one from a campsite. If you’re happy to spend a little more, National parks often have cabins for rent as well. Be sure though that if you are planning on living outdoors during winter, that you have good quality outdoor clothing to stave off the chills. There’s nothing worse than trying to face the elements in sub-standard gear, cursing yourself for not having bought quality clothing from the Regatta Outlet instead!

Options for Everyone

Whether you live in a cold or temperate climate, there are plenty of ways to save money on a winter getaway. For those who do not fancy the outdoors, house swapping provides a great solution. But if you’re not phased by the chills of winter (or if you live in a warm climate), outdoor living is an exciting and invigorating alternative to more conventional, expensive holidays.

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