Scarily Good Wines From Laithwaite’s

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Wicked things come in threes, and these blood red tipples from Laithwaite’s Wine are guaranteed to chill the even blackest heart this Hallowe’en or Bonfire Night.

Black as sin and devilishly tempting, Rex Mundi’s 13.5% abv decadence will fire your soul with its intense Shiraz and Merlot grapes grown on the inhospitable hills of Roussillon, France. These hills were once home to the medieval Cathars who lived in awe of the evil god Rex Mundi. And like all devils, he corrupted the faithful with promises of earthly pleasures and the forbidden delights of mortal flesh. Sip this tipple and tell us if you too don’t succumb. Great alone, or with Spicy Cajun chicken or lamp chops. Cost – £7.49 a bottle (when buying a case of 6). Available: here

Our number two choice is Pont Du Diable at 13.5% abv. Darkest Malbec grapes are proud to associate with the 14th century Pont Valentré, in the heart of Malbec country, which took so long to build that the master mason made a pact with the Devil to ensure its completion. Five centuries later, masons put a sculpture of the Devil in one of its towers, thereby imprisoning him. Drink this offering with French classics like cassoulet or a juicy T-bone steak. An £8.99 bottle is here

Finally Waxed Bat at 14.5% abv boasts three powerful grapes – spicy Shiraz, cassis laden Cabernet, and dense Malbec all jostling for position in this rich red. Fermented by Argentina’s brilliant Opi Sadler, winner of two international trophies to date, Waxed Bat gets its name from memories of Sadler’s grandfather’s cellar – the occasional bat fluttered in the lamp light while wine bottles were sealed with red wax! Team with spooky spare ribs and rare prime steaks. Get your £8.99 bottle here

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