September Light Bulb Ban sees traditional light bulbs gone forever

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From 1st September 2012, the production of all traditional (incandescent) bulbs will cease.  The phase out is in line with the EU directive aimed at saving energy.  Once stocks of the last remaining light bulbs have gone there will be no option but to use Compact Fluorescent, IRC (infra-red coated) or LED bulbs instead – many of which are still far from an ideal replacement.  For example, compact fluorescent bulbs, produce a flat, cold light and are not easy to dim or dispose of, worse still they can flicker, triggering migraines or even epileptic fits.

Fortunately there are some viable alternatives, such as the IRC bulb which produces a very similar warm light and saves 30% of energy.  Also worth investigating are the latest LED solutions.   Although many LED bulbs still struggle to produce a reasonable output and are comparatively expensive, LED technology continues to advance rapidly and prices are falling.

To understand more about the ban and to view the best tried and tested solutions, drop into the John Cullen showroom (561-563 Kings Road, SW6 2EB, London) to see the Lamp Bar.

John Cullen – the UK’s leading lighting specialist – has put together some advice to help everyone deal with the new lighting regulations and still end up with attractive lighting and lower electricity bills.

Watt’s What with the New Lighting Ban?
                          Top Tips from Sally Storey, Design Director at John Cullen Lighting


Time line

Phase out

1st September 2011 Any lamp of 60w or over
1st September 2012 The production of all remaining traditional incandescent light bulbs
1st September 2013 The proposed ban of all poor performing MR16 lamps


  • Compact fluorescent bulbs may last a long time but they do give a very flat, cold light.   Consider using an IRC Lamp which will give you a warm light equivalent to an incandescent lamp and is available as a 70w producing 100w of light.
  • Standardisation of lamp packaging will help guide you through the changes through measuring light in terms of Lumens rather than Watts.
  • LED Bulbs will undoubtedly be the future, however they are currently comparatively expensive and continually being developed so watch this space.
  • Come into the John Cullen showroom to see for yourself what is right for your home.

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John Cullen Showroom Address: 561-563 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB


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