Slimpod – kickstart your bikini routine

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If only making food choices was as easy as ignoring the yummy, tasty food and reaching for the healthy food!  If your brain could be hard-wired to gain the same satisfaction from salad as it does from ice-cream.  Slimpod aims to correct some of the subconscious behaviour that has you reaching for choccie biccies when you don’t really need them and you want to fit into that bikini in time to bare all on the beach.

ThinkingSlimmer are the brand behind the Slimpod.   Sandra, the founder was trained in cognitive hypnotherapy and has lots of experience as a behavioural change specialist so understands the power of the spoken word on the subconscious mind.  Even better though, the sessions are narrated by the smooth and soothing voice of Trevor Silvester, the creator of Cognitive Hypnotherapy which makes them very enjoyable to listen to!

If you recognise any of the following in yourself then Slimpod should be an easy way to control your relationship with food and regain the confidence to say no

Slimpod in association with Debenhams allowed me to trial the product to write up my thoughts and see if it worked and also gifted me a swimsuit in my goal size to get into!

We will be reporting back on the progress! @ThinkingSlimmer

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