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Natural therapies are becoming more and more popular because we all understand the importance of looking after our bodies. Aromatherapy is an easy and simplistic therapy that most of us already use in our day to day lives but how many of us actually know anything about it?  Candles, aromatic bath salts, shampoos, creams, oil burners and incense sticks are just some of the options available at beauty, new age and health stores, so it is almost guaranteed that we have owned at least one product at some point.  And if, like many of us, you didn’t know that apart from just smelling good, different plant essences, or aromas, give different healing effects to the body, it’s about time that changed.

The idea behind aromatherapy is that the pure essence of a plant, essentials oils, (which can be bought in beauty stores such as The Body Shop, and burnt in a burner) help to support physical and psychological instability. It does this by stimulating parts of our brains that control emotions, moods and memories, also these oils can help our bodies to fight against bacteria, viruses, infections and much more.

The following are some examples of what smells do what.


Basil; Although not the most pleasant of odours, this plant has been known to help headaches which could be a much gentler way than aspirin as a cure. It is also uplifting and good for the digestion.

Chamomile; This oil will help to combat stress and aid insomnia. There are also many chamomile teas available for the same reason.

Ginger; An aroma that has a good affect on muscular and joint pain, great for a pick me up after a good work out session.

Grapefruit; As well as assisting circulation, this sweet flavour is uplifting, helping to combat depression.

Lavender; This oil can be found almost everywhere in beauty products. It is known for its relaxing effect which aids the nervous system and insomnia. But did you know it is also good for skin care and is anti-bacterial?

Lemon; Great for colds, and flu but also lowers the blood pressure and alleviates acne.

Peppermint; A gentle way to get rid of that indigestion although it also smells minty fresh.

Rose; A beautiful scent to fill your home with, getting rid of dry skin, eczema, impotence, irregular menstruation, PMT and depression.

So the next time you pick out a candle based on its fragrance, or are looking for a new shampoo, perhaps it’s also time to find out what that smell really does to your well being? Meanwhile, why not buy some essentials oils, and use a burner to support your body naturally.

(Oils should be treated with care and never eaten. You should always consult a doctor when pregnant and ask a professional before using oils as some can be irritants.)

by Samantha Carter

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