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With the SECOND bank holiday weekend in as many days – people may find themselves at a loose end or keen to use the extra time to have the house sparkling clean for any visitors! 


Here are some great tips from leading cleaning experts on how to have your house looking fit for a Queen! 


May McLellan has been with Jurys Inn for seven years and is responsible for the 321 bedroomed Jurys Inn, Glasgow.   May was awarded Scottish Housekeeper of the year in 2007 and is a proud member of the UK Housekeepers Association as well as Treasurer for the Scottish Branch of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.  For May and Jurys Inn, the mantra is simple; cut the clutter, leave nothing unturned and if you can, have a smile on your face for even the toughest of tasks.


1.      Tackle big jobs first – clean the oven or shampoo the carpets.  Tackling these big jobs is best when you are full of energy at the start of the process

2.      Defrost your fridge and freezer – this will allow you to thoroughly clean inside.  It will also help make it more energy efficient

3.      De-clutter – put away or even better, get rid of surplus everyday accessories or furnishings. It is fine to keep some memorabilia but be choosy or you will start to feel over-whelmed with clutter

4.      Find a place for everything – organise the memorabilia and items you want to keep so you will know where they are

5.      Start small – attack one room at a time, opening windows to let in fresh air

6.      Use eco-friendly products where possible – create a wonderful natural air freshener by mixing lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Also, just placing a half a lemon in a dish can help freshen a room

7.      Destroy the dust – get out your stepladder and search for dust on top of cupboards, picture frames, light fittings and plate racks May concludes: “Spring marks the perfect time to leave those cold Winter months behind us and have a good old ‘spring clean’. 


Here at Jurys Inn we spring clean every day, so we are naturally delighted to pass on our experience with these tips and tricks.  Stick to this advice and your home will be ship-shape in no time, plus you’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel!”   






AN HOUR of mopping at home is better for fighting the flab than cycling, canoeing or dancing, it has been revealed. And the results are so impressive that the simple household task could be on the verge of sparking a brand new fitness craze – Mop-ercise. 

Recent tests have proved that mopping around the home burns approximately 238 calories an hour – the same as horse-riding –  compared to 174 calories for cycling or canoeing and 210 for dancing. Astonishingly, mopping isn’t that far off the calorie-burning capabilities of volleyball, which burns 264 calories an hour. 

Bolton NHS Trust conducted the series of tests* to establish which activities were the best for fighting the flab and revealed that simple floor mopping can be every inch as good as many specially-designed exercises at burning calories. 

And domestic products giant Vileda’s own rigorous mop tests have proved that the simple household task is up there with many established exercises as one of the best calorie-busting tasks or routines. Vileda’s tests come after the company was contacted by dozens of customers delighted that their mopping routine had helped them keep fit and, in some cases, lose unwanted extra weight. And now the cleaning products giant, famous for its SuperMocio, is researching just how popular a special version of the mop, which would actually track the amount of calories being burnt, would be!

Here are a few more essential house cleaning items – not just for a spring clean but as a staple part of your time-saving cleaning routine!

Supermocio Mop

The 3Action SuperMocio has been improved and modified in three different ways to make mopping faster, easier and more effective 

1. A non-scratch scourer has been added to tackle those dried on tough marks. 

2. The darker blue material is made from microfibre for those difficult marks. This also has the added benefit of Pick Up Pockets which is more absorbent than flat materials. 

3. The outer fluffy strips are made from Collectex™, a material which is capable of collecting and trapping smaller crumbs and particles which have been left on the floor.  

The mop also features a unique lemon shaped head which is cleverly designed to get into corners. The whole head can even be put into the washing machine and washed at up to 60 degrees! 


Did you know: The best way to mop the floor is in a figure of eight motion. The mop works best when used with the Power Press Wringer as this squeezes out the excess water and means it won’t damage the floor.

And finally…..

Once your house is looking spic and span – treat it to a Yankee Candle fragrance!  There are plenty to suit the spring/summer weather and they have a super long burning time – 110-150 hours!

Exclusive set of three (one for each room!)

Available from QVC ( – £46.25 


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