How to spend your Gap Year in 2014

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While there may have been a huge amount of negative press concerning student loans and finance in recent times, there is little doubt that pursuing a course of higher education remains one of the most fulfilling things that anyone can ever undertake. It is also an extremely stressful and challenging process, however, and one that requires determination, dedication and a ferocious work-ethic. In fact, the exhausting nature of studying encourages many students to pursue a gap year, which enables them to take time out and indulge in alternative passions.

How to Spend your Gap Year in 2014

So what are your options when planning a gap year in 2014? Consider the following ideas before you make confirmed plans: –

Travel and See the World

Travelling is perhaps the most popular way of spending a gap year, as it enables students to take a complete break from their course and enjoy alternative parts of the world. Whether you choose to travel for the whole year or just a few months is entirely up to you, as is your ultimate choice of destinations. The Far East is a particularly alluring destination, with nations such as Thailand and Bangkok among the most visited by curious and thrill-seeking students. Many people also choose to visit various parts of the world, with a view to creating the most diverse travelling experience possible.

Volunteer and Complete Charity Work

Another popular gap year option is to volunteer and undertake charity work. Often this is related to the field of study that you are interested in, as this enables you to enhance your resume while also contributing towards a good cause. Although this type of work is unpaid, it often allows students to see unique and unusual parts of the world outside of a traditional tourist setting. This type of gap year actually enables students to achieve multiple goals during their time away from university, which is ideal for individuals who are in a hurry.

Work and Develop Industry Experience

For those of you want to gain a head start on your career, you may wish to use your gap year to acquire invaluable workplace experience. While other students are off seeing the world or contributing towards a charitable course, you can be taking your first steps along a desired career path. Whether you undertake flexible work or apply for a well establish internship, this type of gap year can deliver genuine rewards for your future. Alternatively, you may also wish to undertake an additional professional course, with educational bodies such as Tante Marie teaching a range of topics to individual students.

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