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Charlie Hutton, the International Dressage Grand Prix rider and coach has been using the super food, Spirulina   with enormous success, not only for himself but for his horses too.

Spirulina contains a powerhouse of nutrients that gives energy and vitality. It’s produced by renowned ‘superfood’ expert Lifestream International, and delivers natural goodness in a convenient and easy to take form.

‘I have been using Lifestream Spirulina for the past 2 years and I feel that without it I would be under achieving. Spirulina gives me that edge and extra nutrition needed for training or competing’  Charlie says.

Lifestream Spirulina is produced from a specific strain that contains powerful natural proteins, plant pigments, vitamins and minerals which researchers believe may just be the perfect food. It is the world’s richest whole food source of energy-giving nutrients including easily absorbed Iron, Phycocyanin, GLA and pure, high quality complete protein.

‘On a day I don’t take Spirulina, I can feel very lethargic after I have ridden a few horses, but being on Spirulina gives me the energy needed to stay focused for maximum performance’ says Charlie.

The body’s main source of immediate and long-term energy is glycogen which is stored in the muscles and liver and not ordinarily available through our diet. Spirulina is the only plant source of glycogen available and the more glycogen available during intense or sustained exercise, the greater the potential for improved muscle functioning.

Charlie says ‘Spirulina has been so effective, I have started to give it to my horses and their condition and stamina has changed dramatically. Before using Spirulina I thought my horses were in good condition and looking well, however having put them on Spirulina I have seen huge muscle development, a good quality shine in their coats and increased stamina and strength towards exercise. This enables me and my horses to perform at maximum level together’.

Spirulina is a spiral shaped microscopic fresh-water plant that derives its energy from sunlight and water through the process of photosynthesis. Traditionally consumed by many cultures as a highly valued natural food for centuries it’s been growing on Earth for 3-5 billion years.

Easily absorbed by the body, Spirulina has the full, natural range of nutrients, protein, and enzymes. It is low in calories and saturated fat and is one of the only non-mucous, non-acid forming, high protein foods.

Lifestream is 100% committed to the supply of the world’s best Spirulina and Green Superfood and offers two types of Spirulina; Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina and Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina.

Lifstream Spirulina is distributed by Planet Health in the UK, a natural health company founded in Australia in 1996.  A market leader in Australia supplying over 3,000 stores, Planet Health is a family owned company with a dedicated, motivated and highly qualified team including scientists and naturopaths, whose expertise and passion combine to provide premium natural health products which are innovative, ethical and give real results. Planet Health, launched in the UK in 2010, supplies around 350 natural health stores, pharmacies and premium department stores across the UK.

If you are feeling run down, exhausted and in need of more energy, live a busy or stressful life or are looking for a supplement that will enable sports or fitness training, then like Charlie Hutton, 2009 Youth Olympic team gold and individual medallist, you may find that Lifestream Spirulina gives you the energy, edge and extra attention to detail that you need all day, every day.

Products marketed by Planet Health can be purchased through the company’s online store if a local retailer is not yet available.www.planethealthdirect.co.uk

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