Spring clean your hair routine with Phyto

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For too long you’ve been at the mercy of Boots and Superdrug, picking up any old 2 for 1’s on haircare and making your way through your stockpile of the high street brands.  Isn’t it time your haircare got a makeover too?

Phyto is a haircare brand beyond comparison – it’s like comparing MUA cosmetics with Chanel…cheap and cheerful is sometimes okay but your hair often requires more expertise than is available in a cheap brand that costs £1-£2, especially if you have “problem” hair such as curls or thinning hair.

Stellar products from Phyto – Silicone and paraben free.

Secret de Nuit – Intense hydrating regenerating night cream

We love the French and their beauty secrets.  This little secret is designed to work on your hair at night with a powerhouse of quality, natural ingredients leaves your hair soft and manageable in the morning.  Hydration is provided by macadamia oil and a protective shield is formed with black orchid extract – it does its best work at night.  Anyone with rebellious, unruly, frizzy, dry, damaged or coloured hair would really benefit from a weekly use of this product.  It’s like a mask, without all the waiting around with wet hair dripping everywhere.

Phytocidre – Rinsing Vinegar

This  old remedy for getting shiny hair has been given a reboot – now hibiscus extract and flower acids join forces with the cider vinegar to smooth down the hair shaft and give you epically shiny locks.  This is great for a hard water area as the vinegar (like you would use to descale your kettle) will neutralise any lime deposits in your hair and eliminate impurities, leaving shiny, light and radiant hair.

Phytolisse – Ultra glossing finishing serum

We love this product already, it’s perfect for using before or after blow drying and you can also use it inbetween shampoos.  If you buy just one serum – this is the one.  Contains Mallow Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5

You can buy these and more amazing Phyto products from feelunique, lookfantastic or SpaceNK

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