Spruce up your Bedroom this Summer

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With winter finally over and the weather warming up, you might want to take a step back and look at your bedroom. A preoccupation with keeping it warm and making it feel cozy might mean that it’ll need a fresh coat of paint before the long summer days kick in. Even if you haven’t redecorated it in a while, there’s a lot you can do with your bedroom to make it ready for the sun, so take a look at this guide and get inspired.

Let’s start with the paint itself. At the moment your room may be a simple shade of intense red, blue or a neutral cream. We can look beyond this, however, and look at various shades of those colours: instead of going for something intense and sometimes overpowering, pastel shades really lighten a room and give it a feeling of airiness say the gurus at houseandgarden. Of course, there’s more than just red and blue out there; some might argue that the colour of summer is yellow, the colour of the sun’s rays. Another suggestion is green, reflecting the plants and trees in bloom.

As for the bed itself, it goes without saying that it’s time to put the thick quilt into storage to be substituted for some lighter bedding. The linens themselves can be used to compliment the walls, adding to the overall lightness of the room. This might also be a good opportunity to evaluate the mattress of your bed, maybe opting to go for a comfy memory-foam option this season (click here for more information). You could even replace the frame and go for something more country house-inspired with a white metal bed frame, giving the room an extra feeling of openness that can be stifled by more bulky frames.

It’s easy to forget, but be conscious of your floor during summer, too. You might have covered your hardwood flooring with rugs during winter to stave off cold feet, but now’s the time to lock them up in storage. A wooden floor isn’t for everyone, so if you are looking to stick with carpets then remember to keep the colours nice and neutral to compliment your walls – if in doubt, cream

Take a look around your room and see what you can do with your furniture, too. While not every piece might need replacing, you can still be creative with it: you could give them a chic, aged look with just a bit of paint and some sandpaper, as described by Channel4. You could go one step further and paint some floral decorations on them by hand if you’re feeling artistic. Don’t be afraid to tinker with the lighting either, as the long summer evenings are made even better by draping your room in fairy lights, giving your room a festival feeling (minus the mud). Remember: keep things airy and relaxed and your bedroom will feel nice and cool this summer.

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