Stowells Light Wines As Recommended by Simply Woman

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It seems that just about every major winemaker is bringing out a range of easy drinking reduced alcohol wines, and Stowells are no different. Stowells is another south eastern Australian winemaker managed by the Accolade ‘parent’ company. Their aptly named ‘Stowells Light’ is not only just 5.5% abv, it has the added appeal of being light in calories too (60 –63 calories per glass). The alcohol conscious among you will be pleased to note that 5.5% equates to just one alcoholic unit per 125ml glass, and that reducing both calorie and alcohol content, doesn’t compromise on flavour or robustness. Just as you’d expect from a winemaker of Stowell’s calibre.


These light wines do hold a touch of ‘sweetness’ but this in no way means they wouldn’t appeal to lovers of regular dry white or red alike.Stowells Light wines are widely available in ASDA, most supermarkets and off licences throughout the UK. Please note that while we encourage you to enjoy, we also advocate drinking responsibly. *The recommended daily amount for women is 2-3 units and for men, 3-4 units of alcohol – *

Simply Woman were delighted to sample two wines from this range and give our verdict 

Stowells Light White 5.5% abv

Colour – pale straw yellow. Taste – Refreshing and fruity- most definitely! Made from a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Stowells Light White is bursting with melon, pear and apricot fruit flavours, and balances fresh acidity with a touch of sweetness. Perfect as an aperitif or with light white meat dishes.  


Stowells Light Rosé 5.5% abv

This Shiraz Rose is a vibrant youthful pink, similar to a warm rose. Taste – full of juicy strawberry, raspberry and cherry fruit flavours.  Perfectly balanced with a zesty acidity and a touch of sweetness. It is a truly delicious wine which cleverly avoids the ‘alcoholic fruit juice’ overtones that other low alcohol reds/roses encompass. You really feel as if you’re tasting something unique. 


Know your Stowells facts

Stowells is managed and distributed by the UK branch of Accolade Wines, a consortium employing more than 1800 people in Australia, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Other brands represented by Accolade include Hardys and Kumala wines.  In the past 12 monthsAccolade Wines has invested heavily in consumer research into the lighter drinking category, which is already growing by 83% year on year. The results demonstrated that Stowells Light is a brand that will grow the category significantly. By selecting very good quality base wine, Stowells Light’s innovative alcohol reduction process delivers a great taste that is lighter in calories.  

Clare Griffiths, Marketing Director for Accolade Wines says, “We are very excited to launch Stowells Light. Quality and experience is at the forefront of everything that Stowells does, with a 130 year history as a wine merchant it has a great tradition of innovation. (We) are not willing to compromise on taste, and we believe we’ve found a winning solution with Stowells Light.”  

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