Summer Sipping Indoors and Out – For The Cooler Summer Days

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Last year we showcased lower alcohol wines in our summer drinking feature. This year, due to less than summery weather, we need the more robust stuff to keep us ‘afloat’. So please see our recommendations which are guaranteed to warm you up or cool you down in tune with the elements.

Aldi wines

Aldi really do have a great selection this summer, and our quartet has something for everybody.

aldi summer wines

Jive away any balmy evenings with Cocobay’s Caribbean Rum & Coconut Flavoured Blend (21% abv). This drink won the International Wine and Spirit competition 2011. Mix with fruit juices for a longer sip.

Belletti Dell’Italia Prosecco extra dry (11% abv).

Peaches and pears are the dominant palette from this naturally sparkling white of Italy. Hints of green apple and lemon hold the nose.

Those who favour sharpness will love the citrusy crisp notes of Catellore Italia Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2011 (12% abv). This perennial favourite is overtoned with melon and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with white meat dishes.

Aldi’s Pimms-alike, Austin’s classic summer punch (21.9% abv) tastes very close to the real thing, and the fruity spicy flavour offers a great alternative to the other brand. Top up with lemonade and a mint sprig for an easy cocktail.


 banrock summer wines

Stowells Tempranillo at (12.5% abv)

This Spanish grape which is a major component of Rioja will warm your heart during the rainier and cooler nights we are all experiencing. The softer-bodied bouquet is full of spice and oak infused red fruit. Buy from all major supermarkets.

Banrock Station Chardonnay Viognier 2011 (12.5% abv)

This juicy white has all the butteriness of a good chardonnay plus the creaminess of the Viognier grape. It’s an easy-drinking white which perhaps works better as an aperitif as it can be difficult to pair satisfactorily with food. Buy from all major supermarkets.


Laithwaites Speciality wines

laithwaites summer drinking

Latihwaites are always at the forefront of selecting great wines, thanks to their experienced buyers. From their mega catalogue we sampled their Champagne Private Cuvee Brut, and Brut Rosé, (both 12.5 abv). We found both varieties luscious and gentle on the palette, with the Rosé adding the same blush to glass and nose. Great for classy summer celebrations.


About Aldi

Aldi first burst onto the scene in 1913, and have grown steadily since. Their brand is synonymous with quality at an affordable price. Recently their wine and beverages section underwent a ‘revamp’ with an influx of wines from the New World and Eastern European countries. See for your local branch.

About Banrock Station

Banrock Station, one of Australia’s brands of ‘eco-aware wines’, donates a portion of every sale to charitable causes all over the world. To date their £2.5m injection has assisted a further 98 good causes in 13 countries. They are currently supporting Butterfly Conservation, an organisation which helps create havens for some of Britain’s rarest butterflies. Over the next five years Banrock’s input will increase the population of the Large Blue butterfly by 20%. Banrock Station is managed and distributed by the UK branch of Accolade Wines. Visit for more information.

About Laithwaites

Laithwaite’s is the UK’s number one wine supplier, with teams of expert wine buyers continually sourcing ‘old’ and emerging wines from all over the world.  Laithwaites wines can be delivered direct to your door or sourced form a dedicated shop near you. See for all their vintages, and further information.

About Stowells

Stowells is the brainchild of Fredrick Stowells who founded the company in 1878. More than 130 years later this London base winery is still producing delicious fare. For more details of national and regional stockists see

 At all times please drink responsibly. See for guidance.


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