Summery mists to keep your cool

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When it gets hot in the city or by the beach a refreshing, cooling summery mist is just the thing to cool you down.  There are various different types but here are some of our favourites.

Filgora Anti-Aging Mist.  Well this is a first for me – I’ve tried facial sprays before – Evian do a great one that is perfect for cooling you down but this is in a different league. Firstly it’s a water based serum , alcohol free and rich in plant extracts.  It also contains a unique ingredient to Filgora, their TFTF formula that is used in their aesthetic medicine.  It stimulates collagen, smooths and firms the skin.  Isn’t French skincare amazing! Anti-Aging Mist

Kiko Summer Island Body Splash.  Fresh, fun and fruity but classier than Impulse – we love the Kiko Body Splashes for smelling summer gorgeous.  They come out squirty so you can splash them anywhere on the body and the notes of citrus fruits, fresia and peony will have you feeling all summery!  Now £4.90

Love Your Skin Floral Hydrating Spritzer.  A handy, ladylike face and body spray rich in expensive ingredients from nature.  The sultriness of frankincense and myrrh combined with soothing aloe vera and rose makes a very potent and refreshing experience!  This one is perfect for travelling especially long haul as it’s under the size limit and will really help when you get to your (hopefully hot) destination so you look fresh and fabulous coming off the plane!



  1. Miss Makeup Magpie

    July 7, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    I so love using face mists during the Summer! I really love putting them in my mini fridge so they’re lovely and cool ready for use! I’ve not tried any of these brands though yet xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

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