Suncare but skincare!

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A recent addition to the suncare market – the suncare that is as good as skincare!  Often sun lotions are pore clogging, hard to absorb and cause skin breakouts or irritation.

3 gorgeous skincare brands have introduced suncare into their lines and we’ve reviewed them.  Please remember to be sun savvy and take regular breaks from the sunshine and read the NHS guidelines on sun safety such as avoiding midday sun, reapplying after swimming and every 2 hours.


The fabled Bioderma know a thing or two about skincare.  Especially since they are a French brand, the hot summers of the Cote D’Azur and rural France give the French an edge over us when it comes to sunshine management.  Bioderma have created a number of lines within the suncare including one that is specifically for acne prone skin so definitely check it out if you are prone to breakouts.  The one we tried was an invisible spray on which comes out as a fairly fine mist.  This is great for heading out for the day – perhaps to some ancient monuments, out for lunch or a shopping trip.  It leaves your skin with a healthy glow but not an oily feel.  Factor 30 seemed to be enough for running around in and out of the shade and is ideal for taking on holiday with your mates as you will be sitting poolside with a sexy glisten.  I’d recommend a 50 for sunbathing and for the face/decolletage.  I also love Bioderma for having a high altitude, ski specific suncream!

Etat Pur

Following on from their skincare principles of basics plus bolt-ons – the Etat Pur suncare line starts with a melanin boosting cream which you apply 3 days before sun exposure and 3 days after.  This prepares sensitive skin for the sun and optimises tanning.  We tried the factor 30 spray cream which has an application similar to your traditional suncream – a white lotion.  It absorbed in fine but felt like there was more coverage in this one – I’d recommend this brand to use on your children too as you can see how much you are applying and layer it on thicker on places like tops of shoulders.


Love this spray on one in Factor 15 by Rituals – ideal for sporty people – if you are out hiking you can whip it out of your bag and apply whilst still on the move.  Fits in backpacks, is very light and great for applying to legs as you just need to aim and spray.  The smaller face cream in the factor 50 is brilliant for during the day wherever the sun is shining – I’ve got it in my handbag all the time when out and about – walking the dog or nipping to the bar for a demi bierre!  The spray also comes in a factor 50 – if you have fast moving kids this would be very handy  -they don’t sit still long so you can catch them as they pop in for an ice cream or drink.


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