Swiss Army creates Victoria fragrance

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Well not the actual Swiss Army themselves but those people famous for the Swiss Army knives!  What inspired them to make a fragrance? – well we’re not 100% sure but we’ve had a chance to try it out and it has a lovely bouquet and a great sense of casual elegance.

Victoria by Swiss Army. Photographed amongst the pretty flowers of Switzerland!

Victoria Eau De Toilette by Swiss Army

There’s a strong and dominant opening note of freesias – very prominent but breezes down to a more gentle floral harmony of rose, lily of the valley and violas.  This continues to linger until the woody base unleashes a few warm, rich notes of cedar leaf, sandalwood, white musk and myrrh.  It’s hard to distinguish one single note out of the base – it just gives a subtle warm feel to the last remnants of the application.  Due to the fact it’s a Eau de Toilette – you can’t expect to get a deep and long lasting base but its a genuine fragrance, it doesn’t try to be something it’s not.  We’d say this would suit a sporty lady – someone who liked an initial hit of flowers with the freesias but prefer a more woody based scent to develop.

From their micro-site you can send a loved one an e-bouquet but even better than that – enter your bouquet into the voting gallery for a chance to win prizes such as a spa day for 2 or the fragrance itself plus an elegant silver evening pouch and leather bracelet.

It retails for £51 for 100mls from their website.  Pictured with the bottle is the very pretty atomiser to take this scent with you in your handbag.  It comes in the tradition shape of the Swiss Army knife and even includes the class toothpick and tweezers!

You can check out the microsite here if you want to send the e-bouquets and enter the comp.

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