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Artic Cruise

Nowadays, people want more than just sand, sea and sunbathing whilst on holiday and the idea of adventure travel is becoming more popular. Gap Adventures lives and breathes adventure travel and has created a selection of tours for those looking to add something extra to their holiday, from meeting royalty to staying with nomadic families or even training with SWAT teams!


Voodoo Trail

If you’ve always wanted to witness authentic Voodoo ceremonies and meet royalty, try The Voodoo Trail. You will learn about the true nature of Voodoo, which is often misunderstood and in many places is still the national religion and an important part of everyday life. Not for the faint hearted, this supernatural tour takes you through the forests, hills and villages of Benin, the birthplace of Voodoo, fascinating Burkina Faso and diverse Togo on the Gulf of Guinea coast.

It is in these countries that you will be immersed in the authentic culture and beliefs of the area. Highlights include a visit to a fetish market filled with love potions and magical concoctions, joining in with a Voodoo ceremony, witnessing the Dancing Masks of Egun; where dancers put on Egun masks to represent the spirits of the deceased, and meeting African royalty!

Countries visited: Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo

Departs from: Lome, Togo

Finishes in: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Price: £2,369 which includes all tours and accommodation and most meals

Duration: 16 days·

Next available departure: 8th October 2011


Kokoda Trail

Military fanatics would love a chance to go on the Kokoda Trail  in Papua New Guinea. You can transport yourself back in time and trek the original trail used by local Papuan porters when they helped the Australian Army combat Japanese forces during WWII. A must for military enthusiasts, the trek combines visiting historical sites, such as the crash sites of USAF P40 and a Japanese ‘Val’ Dive bomber with a battlefield tour. You can also enjoy magnificent views, such as the sunrise through the Yodda Valley and walking through Ua Ule Creek.

You’ll have the chance to visit Myola, scene of the many supply drops made by RAAF and USAF Douglas Dakota “biscuit bombers,” as well as Brigade Hill where the 21st Brigade fought as a whole for the first time. Here you will also witness a short service to pay homage to the men of the Brigade. You’ll need to pack light for the trek but also be prepared for the hot days in the jungle in comparison to the cold heights at altitude. This off the beaten track tour is very physically demanding but the remoteness and beauty are worth the sweat.

Counties visited: Papua New Guinea

Departs from: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Finishes in: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Price: £2,779 which includes all accommodation and meals

Duration: 11 days

Next available departure: 9th July 2011


Naadam Festival

If you want to immerse yourself in a new culture, the Naadam Festival in Mongolia is a perfect option. This tour gives you a once in a lifetime chance to stay with a nomadic family and learn about their culture. Nomads live a very simple life moving with their cattle along the same route their great-grandparents travelled hundreds of years ago.  Throughout the trip you will travel all over the region, sleep in traditional gers and experience a traditional Mongolian barbeque.

The tour allows you to visit one of the most important monasteries in Mongolia, the Selenge River, the Tsenher Hot Springs and the Lake District of Mongolia.  There will be many opportunities to spot Mongolian wildlife and take stunning scenic photographs to accompany the memories which are sure to last a lifetime. Finish back in Ulaan Baatar, to witness the opening ceremony of Naadam Festival and immerse yourself in the festivities – cheer at the wrestlers, watch archers hit impossible targets and see the intrepid Naadam horse race and closing ceremony.

Countries visited: Mongolia

Departs from: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Finishes in: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Price: £1,259 which includes all accommodation and most meals

Trip duration:  15 days

Next available departure: 29th June 2011

Artic Cruise

Arctic Cruise

If you want to go on a cruise with a difference, try Realm of the Polar Bear Tourwhich takes you on a cruise to the Arctic where you sail the world’s most remote coastlines looking for sights of the elusive polar bear.  The expert crew is so confident that at least one polar bear will be seen on every cruise that they offer a 100 % Bear-antee whereby in the unlikely event the Gap Adventures’ team is unable to locate a polar bear, every passenger on the ship will receive a credit for the value spent on their cruise to use towards a future Arctic cruise aboard the M/S Expedition. On the tour you will also have a chance to spot other incredible wildlife such as whales, reindeer and Arctic foxes.

In addition expect to see amazing birdlife and scenery such as glaciers and ice-covered fjords. This tour has no set itinerary but follows the ice and weather patterns with wildlife spotting to make sure that you will see the best of the region. On board the spacious and comfortable M/S Expedition are experts on hand to give lectures and educational programmes on the area and an expert expedition team to take you on Zodiac excursions.

Countries visited: Norway

Departs from: Longyearbyen

Finishes in: Longyearbyen

Price: £2,599 which includes all excursions, meals, lecture and educational programmes, waterproofs and a destination guide book

Duration: 8 days

Next available departure: 3rd July 2011


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