Taxi’s Driven for Women by Women

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‘She Taxis – She Rides’ is a new app service that will soon launch in New York for cabs driven by women for only women. As a woman it can be quite a worrying and scary thing getting in a cab all alone during the evenings, especially if there aren’t many people around. Therefore this app is perfect for any woman who may be stuck in this situation and will bring female travellers peace of mind.

Even though this may seem a bit outlandish, it isn’t just women who prefer a female behind the wheel. The owner of a taxi firm called London Lady Chauffeurs, Maggie Hennessy, said, “A lot of our business comes from husbands who want to make sure their wives are OK, especially in the evenings.”

A taxi company in Richmond which is part of Riverside Cars drives only “immaculate” cars with female drivers and all journeys must be pre-booked. Maggie, a driver at this company stated, “We refuse to take a male passengers; a lot of people say they find it refreshing to find a female driver.”  These companies are also great for parents who need a lift for their children to get to school.  Parents feel a lot more comfortable and Maggie says, “Parents feel safer. They can track us and check we’ve arrived safely.”

Whilst this app is definitely open to much scrutiny as males are not allowed to book journeys with it, for those using the services that are already available they feel much safer. The benefit does not only reach the passenger but it also extends to the driver as they know who is actually getting in their cab as they have to be pre-booked. This makes a safer feeling environment for both passengers and drivers.

Another benefit of the cabs having to be pre-booked is that each driver knows how much work they will have on each night. This makes it easier to juggle the finances especially when it comes to stating how many miles will be covered each year in the taxi insurance form as well as budgeting for petrol and cleaning costs.

Whilst it is inevitable that there will be debates surrounding the app, those that are for and those that are against it is likely that there will be many who will use and love the service and not just women, but parents and partners too.

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