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Anti-aging treatments are forever changing and improving – from Nivea cold cream in our grandmother’s day to snail secretion, gold masks and natural versions of botox but we are still deluged with an array of lotions, potions, creams and serums to tackle the aging issue.  Where to start?

Here’s a few top picks from some of the greatest skincare brands in the market and currently helping me fight the war against aging!

Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect.  A pre-moisturising treatment, light easily absorbed and designed for use twice a day.  This has a rich application but is well absorbed into the skin and is designed to give a tighter jawline and cheeks.  Contains an ingredient called Papilactyl designed to reinforce the structure of the dermis, improve skin elasticity and reduce the depth of the jowls.  Further botanicals such as extracts of Eidelweiss and Tiger Grass also work hard to prevent cell degredation and maintain a strong skin structure.

Murad Complete Reform – Increases firmness by 61% after one application (Clinical results available)  Contains glycolic acid (the same stuff that’s in a chemical peel) which in the very small quantities in this cream gently exfoliate the dead skin cells, leaving bright skin.  Not sure what’s in it that provided the firming effect…but we are looking into it!  A very lightweight cream although don’t put over any spots or broken skin – the glycolic acid will sting!  Complete Reform

Origins Plantscription.  Origins have SO many products for anti-aging…Age fighting, firming, first signs – Plantscription is designed as an age corrector – it helps bring relief to the signs of aging.  The serum is lovely and light, easily absorbed in a handy airtight pump container – this is great under another moisturiser for dry skin or under primer for slightly more combination skin.  The lovely eye cream that is in the range is an ideal partner.

Strivectin Tightening & Sculpting Face and Neck Cream.   Only StriVectin has NIA-114™, their proprietary form of vitamin B3 (Niacin) discovered during skin cancer research and backed by clinical trials, to help renew skin strength.  It’s designed for the neck and jaw line contours – those areas in some women that drag the jaw line down – generally most affected are women with “oval” faces.  The proteins within the product contribute to the tightening of the skin and the clinical trial figures speak for themselves;

  • 97% tested said their neck & jaw line felt smoother
  • 94% tested said their neck & jaw line felt tighter
  • 77% tested said their neck & jaw line looked firmer
This comes as a serum and follows with a moisturising anti aging cream.  The serum is easily absorbed and the cream is quite luxurious, again one I would probably only use at night at my tender age of 33 – although I do see a little slackening in the lower jaw area it seems to be holding back the tide.  My mother has aged the same way in the jaw area so I know what to expect and I’m hoping this early prevention will hold off the need for surgery.

Eva Fraser Facial Exercises.  If not more important than the cream that goes on your face – stimulating the right muscles and encouraging them to “work out” will delay the aging process further – many women testify to the face they re-considered a face lift after using Eva’s book and DVD.




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