The Big Grill Diet Plan

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George Foreman National Get Grilling Week

Want to lose weight and get in shape for that beach body this summer? Need to cut down on saturated fat to lower your cholesterol? Or simply want to eat your favourite foods in a more healthy way? Then get grilling!
To celebrate National Get Grilling Week and in a bid to help get the national fit and healthy for the summer and live healthier lifestyles with minimal fuss, we are launching our 7-day diet plan, which – if followed for a month – would allow you to lose half a stone. Sausages, eggs, bacon, steak, vegetables, panini – you name it, it can be cooked on a George. The benefit being, by grilling, you can still have your full ‘fry-up’ without the frying (and therefore the fat!) and so the diet plan allows you to eat healthily while still eating all your favourite foods!
The Food Doctor, is a grilling fan and the face of National Get Grilling Week. He talks about how grilling fits into his principles of eating better forever:

Ian says, ‘Eating protein and carbohydrates together is a great tip to staying fuller for longer, thereby reducing the appetite so we make more sensible food choices. Grilling with a health grill is a great way to watch the fat drain away and eat lean protein without having to eat the excess unnecessary fat.”

Bacon Wrapped Prawns    Salmon and Veg
Weight loss benefits

If you use a George Foreman health grill then you’re cutting down the fat in certain foods by around 45%
You don’t have to cut out the foods you love – instead the ridged grilling surface means as little direct contact is made with the food as possible, allowing fat and grease to drip away from your favourite food

By draining the fat, calories will also be reduced as fat contains 9 calories per gram, more than any other food group.

You’ll be much more likely to stick to your healthy eating if you can eat the foods you love

Grilling a 160g steak (which contains 16g of fat & 6g saturated fat) reduces the fat by 75%, leaving you with only 1.5g fat!

For further info on National Get Grilling Week, please visit You can also catch
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