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Strip Lashes

Getting stunning looking eyes that sparkle with health whether you have dressed them up or not is a great indicator of good grooming.  Read our tips on getting luxe eyes


Eye health

Visio-MAX is an antioxidant formula specially designed to support eye health, containing the trace element selenium, beta-carotene and additional carotenoids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E and bilberry extract. All of these nutrients may exert a protective effect against sunlight-related free radicals as well as being helpful in keeping the eye tissues in good condition structurally as well as functionally. Bilberry has long been associated with helping to maintain optimal eyesight as well as the healthy maintenance of the fine blood vessels through which cells receive nutrients and oxygen for maximum ocular function.


How to make your eyes sparkle

Eye drops may be the answer in the short terms if you are a heavy computer user, have the air con on a lot, as well as for plane travel, smokers etc – a make-up bag essential.  You could try Artelac Splash– brand new eye drops for environmental dry eye.

Artelac Splash

Bags and circles

There are thousands of products on the market all claiming to erase dark circles and firm up under eye bags.  You may have tried a few  – plenty don’t work.  Here’s a few that do….

Caudalie Premier Cru, The Eye Cream

This unique combination of the three Caudalie exclusive patents and of the best anti-ageing research make this elixir of youth perform wonders on all signs of ageing: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, lack of radiance and firmness, leaving the eyes with a renewed youthfulness.

Institut Esthederm Anti-ageing Eye Contour Cream

A balm texture that helps redensify, firm and smoothe the fine skin around the eye contour. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly diminished, bags and dark shadows are reduced

And my current favourite…

StriVectin-SD™ Eye Concentrate

A multi-dimensional eye cream targeting crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This leading eye wrinkle and line fighter is now powered up with a new clinical formula for even greater results.


Dressing them up


Shadows and liners

I have trouble making an eye colour last past lunchtime.  Unless it’s a Chanel colour, I’m pretty much bare by hometime.  The best eye colour I have ever found is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow.  This stayed on a whole days skiing for me.  The coverage is excellent, it feels very lightweight and the colours are chic and elegant.  If you are looking to create an upmarket, subtle look with your eyes – you can’t go wrong with the Cream or the Mauve.  For those who like pretty, girie colours you can buy a trio of the cream shadows in pastel blue, oyster pink and opal (sheer pink)

Bobbi Brown Cream ShadowBobbi Brown Cream Shadow  Bellapierre Mineral Eyeshadow

I also find M.A.C shadows excellent quality, high pigmentation and long lasting and if you are looking for a multi-purpose colour – Bellapierre mineral pigment shadows can also be used with clear mascara, clear nail varnish and clear lip balm to create a great party or holiday look.



If there is one quick, cheap and easy way to go from zero to hero when it comes to looking uber groomed – it is a professionally styled pair of eyebrows.  Look at old pics of any Holywood star – Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley are great examples – you’ll see an instant lift to their entire faces with perfect eyebrows.


Although many of you still wax – beware, as the process of ripping the hairs from your skin does lasting damage to your delicate eye area and really should be avoided.  Middle Eastern and Indian women have known this for hundreds of years and look to the ancient skill of threading to maintain very groomed brows.  There’s no hot wax, no ripping of strips from your skin and they can get a beautiful arch just using the thread.

Shavata was the orginal threading studio in the UK and now her brow bars are in many high street department stores. The girls there will not only create your ideal brow but will also teach you a trick or two when it comes to shaping your arch at home with pencils, highlighters or brushes.

False lashes

Sooo many false lashes on the market!  Ardell do an excellent pack of individual tips, if you either find it hard to stick on a whole section of lash or just want a really subtle daytime look.

Ardell Lashes

For a full lash – Let’s Go Lashes were developed by the experts at Nouveau Lashes as an express lash system. Thanks to a unique technique and super-fast drying glues this treatment can give you a full set of lashes in 20-30 minutes. This system is also more affordable than traditional lash extension treatments costing from £20 – £55, depending on the look you want and if you have bottom lashes/coloured lash inserts, and lasts between 10 days and 2 weeks. They have also bought out a range of strip lashes and makeup

Stunning Blink & Go Lashes

Use false lashes sparingly – if you look on the red-carpet you will see women with really fabulous eyes – it sets off their whole look so choose falsies wisely – you want to look more like Megan Fox and less like Katie Price.


Permanent lash extensions

Never have we been so spoiled for choice when it comes to plumping up our lashes!  It’s the red-carpet effect – everyone wants those stunning, beautifully framed eyes with no clumps of mascara, no spidery bits and no smudging underneath your eyes when you tearily accept your statue or gong.

NL Lash Extension

Nouveau Lashes- Nouveau Lashes is a state-of-the-art, semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment. It has been carefully developed by experts to produce longer, thicker and very natural looking lashes that last up to an amazing six weeks I’m going to try the Nouveau lashes in October so I will report back – rather exciting as I have rather short-ish boring lashes.

**I can now report these lashes are pretty amazing.  You have to get used to not rubbing the sleep out of your eyes in the morning and be really careful about not using oil based makeup – but other than that – they are a mascara killer!  I’ve not needed a drop of mascara since the day they were done.  Of course if you want to glam up for a night out, you can apply a little on the tips.  You can either let them all fall out naturally through the cycle of your lash renewal or have them maintained every couple of weeks to replace the ones that have fallen out.  Highly recommend for anyone** 


– or there’s LVL, which is a lash treatment that uses your own lashes and gives them a semi permanent lift (a bit like the eyelash perm). This makes an amazing difference as the lashes are dyed at the same time, giving the impression of longer, thicker lashes, but with absolutely no maintenance required. The treatment lasts the life of the lashes (around 8 weeks) and costs from £

LVL Lash Tinting


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