The Lift – 8 minute facial power lift!

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The firming and lifting corner of the anti-aging market is rife with products promising instant or highly visible results but the liklihood is that most provide a small, long term lift by strengthening collagen but not that “wow she looks great” kind of result.

The Lift, a system pioneered by A-Listers favourite facialist Nuz Shugga as a “quick fix” for her client’s red carpet events.  Keeping the wrinkles at bay is one thing but delivery beautifully firm and lifted skin without a face lift is something quite different.

The mask is fully customisable.  If you want a quick tightening effect – you can leave on for 8 minutes or up to 20/30 mins for a full on, almost as good as a surgical lift type effect.  Amongst the ingredients are a blend of fruit extracts, vitamins, minerals and enzyme boosters.

So how does it work?

Inside the box are ten sachets and a lovely quality facial brush.  Within each sachet are three further sachets.  You combine two of the sachets to make a paste – whack it on with the brush for 8-20 minutes and then wash off.  You then use the final sachet – the Finishing Creme and you are good to go on your swanky event, date or high school reunion!



Once the mask is on your face – be prepared not to be able to emote for the duration – its tightening effect is almost immediate!  Chill out, have a cuppa or watch Eastenders – by the time it’s done you can wash off the mask and treat with the Creme!

Although I’m frequently told that I look younger than my 34 years, this product certainly had a instantaneous and obvious liftening effect.  I’ve got 9 left and will be saving them for special occasions when only the best look will do!  My skin looks refine, smoother, a little plumper and certainly younger than I normally look – less haggered 🙂  My big frownie in the middle of my brows still hasn’t vanished but that’s another story.

The Lift can best be summed up by numbers:

20: number of minutes it takes for The Lift to work. Just leave it on like a mask and sit back and relax.

30: number of years this product has been around for, still ‘lifting’ faces around the world.

10: number of treatments available in just one kit.

3: number of components to the face kit – simply combine the liquid booster and mask powder, then top up the skin with the collagen cream.

2: number of days the effects last for.

4: number of boxes (40 treatments in total) A-list facialist Nuz Shugaa, goes through in one year on her demanding clientele.

Cost: £49.95
Stockist: / 0845 130 2051

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