The Nails part 2

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My delivery of OPI Nail Envy arrived and not before time!  My raggedy nails needed attention and I didn’t want to paint my nails again or us a different product.

I was thrilled to bits when my product arrived from Chemist Direct as not only was there a bottle of Nail Envy, there was also a bottle of Avoplex – OPI’s cuticle oil which suited me perfectly  as my old one was starting to get cloudy and past it’s used by date.  I was just about to buy one online so I was delighted to receive this one.

Avoplex is a nail and cuticle oil with OPI’s Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex – a combination of deep-penetrating, skin-loving antioxidants; phospholipids, the biological building blocks of skin; vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E; essential fatty acids; and Avocado Oil, which closely resembles the skin’s own natural oils.  I love this product – my previous nail oil was in a rollerball and often dispensed a bit too much.  This one paints on like a nail varnish so it’s easy to dose and apply.  The RRP for this product is £16.30 so the duo is excellent value!

Nail Envy is an iconic product for nails and has worked for many people over the years.  It’s a simple formula – you put on two coats after all the cuticle massaging with the oil.  You basically add another coat each day till the end of the week when you take it all off and start again.  In a couple of weeks you should have amazing nails!!


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