The purest form of biologically active collagen available!

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Can biologically active collagen do better than standard commercially available ingredient?



Collagen occurs in many places throughout the body. Over 90% of the collagen in the body, however, is of type one.[30]

So far, 28 types of collagen have been identified and described. The five most common types are:

Collagen I: skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of bone)

Collagen II: cartilage (main component of cartilage)

Collagen III: reticulate (main component of reticular fibers), commonly found alongside type I.

Collagen IV: forms bases of cell basement membrane

Collagen V: cell surfaces, hair and placenta



When we get older (24 years old to be exact) our body’s natural collagen level slowly begins to dwindle. Collagen is well known in the industry and so are its properties for restoration and rejuvenation, collagen extraction from sources such as cattle skin (bovine) was found to be biologically inactive, meaning the collagen itself is dead and unable to function as a living substance within the human body.

20 years of science, 1 amazing product


A number of scientists over the years have worked on the extraction of collagen from fish skins, below are a number of these scientists;


Edward Krajewski, Mieczyslaw Skrodzki, Antoni Michniewicz, Henry Kujawa, Ilona Kołodziejska, Maria Sadowska, Joseph Przybylski, Christopher Siemaszko, Andrew Frydrychowski, Anna Alexandrovich.


The work to perfect this biologically active collagen for use as a usable beauty product took over 20 years. Chemists have confirmed that proteins such as collagen are added to cosmetics, however these collagen proteins are by no means a match for human collagen, in fact, these proteins aren’t actually collagen, they are biologically inactive. Despite similarities to collagen in terms of structure they are not exactly the same and actually act as a placebo, that’s right, many types of collagen used in cosmetics are of no use to humans. Thanks to the work of the above mentioned scientists biologically active collagen, the only collagen of its kind in the world, now exists and is available at Collagen UK.


Here are a few differences between Polish fish collagen and collagen found commonly in cosmetics;



  • It is Biologically Active.
  • Produced from freshwater fish, not bovine or hydrolysed.
  • Retains spiral conformation and the all important triple helix structure.
  • Effective at resolving numerous medical complications.
  • Can, for a period of time, stop the ageing process, not just slow it.



And some of the know benefits to the human body!

Benefits of Natural Collagen as attested by researchers and consumers.


  •  Covers epidermis with a water retaining film
  • Transfers polypeptides and amino acids to the extracellular space of the dermis
  • Has activational fuction, stimulates fibroblasts and keratinocytes
  • Makes epidermis elastic and soft
  • Smooths out minor wrinkles
  • Firms and moisturizes skin
  • Slows skin ageing
  • Aids in most cases of juvenile acne
  • Supports the treatment of cellulitis
  • Has fantastic effect on insect bites and stings
  • Successfully reduced the effects of minor burns, scrapes and knocks
  • Removes chafes, bruises and early bedsores wonderfully
  • Cures symptoms of majority of nail diseases
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair
  • Prevents graying of hair
  • Aids in the immunological protection of the reproductive organs
  • Removes calcanean spurs
  • Shallows trapezoid furrows
  • Cures systemic sclerosis
  • Lightens senile melanoderma and pigmented naevus
  • Relieves neuralgia and chronic osteomyelitis
  • Lowers skin reactivity
  • Accelerates burning of lactic acid in the muscles
  • Supports the treatment of shank varicose veins
  • Softens the edges of old scars and smooths new scars
  • Supports the treatment of skin allergies
  • Relieves osteodynia, arthralgia, arthritic pain and rheumatic pain
  • Helps in supplementation of bone matrix
  • Slows osteoporosis in its early stages
  • Eliminates swelling
  • Eliminates inflammatory skin conditions
  • Eliminates dilatation of capillary vessels and spider veins
  • Eliminates trophic changes
  • Accelerates rehabilitation after broken bones, sprains and childbirth
  • Improves sight when applied on eyelids
  • Regenerates mucous membrane of the vagina
  • Prevents colpomycosis
  • Cures annular psoriasis
  • Highly effective against paradontosis
  • Supports treatment of scleritis
  • Improves venous and arterial circulation
  • Stops a running nose better than nasal drops
  • Excellent effect on frostbite
  • Is the best aftershave and after depilation balm in the world
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Dermatosis
  • Pattern balding
  • Eliminates freckles
  • Fights warts
  • Angina
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Fights haemorrhoids



*Colway and Collagen UK cannot guarantee that all the above mentioned effects are certain and realistic. We have gained this information from our corresondence with consumers and contact with doctors


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