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Thorntons serves the chocolate market with such treats as milk, dark, white and filled indulgent moments – cue their Dreamy Desert range (see main image), a combination of select desserts in luxurious miniature form for your pure pleasure. Available in three different sized boxes – 16 pieces/£9.99, 6 pieces/£3.99, 3 pieces/£3.99.

Thorntons Irrestibile 1 Thorntons Indulgence 3Thorntons Irrestible 2Or check out the Thorntons Irresistible range at £5.99 per box. Sumptuous flavours of individually wrapped treats include Belgian Truffle, Irish Cream, Gooey Caramel and Nutty praline. And do try the exotic Limited Edition Smooth Coconut before it disappears from the shelf!

Thorntons IndulgenceThorntons Indulgence 1 Newer additions to the Thorntons Indulgence range of chocolate blocks are Caramel Cheesecake – a biscuit and sweet caramel combo with a hint of salt, or Fudge Brownie – chocolate fudge brownie cubes and fudge pieces – retails at £1.99.

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Thorntons facts
Thorntons is the leading British chocolate and confectionery company, first launched in 1911 by travelling confectioner Joseph William Thornton. His twin sons Norman and Stanley soon took over the helm, with the result that Thorntons employs more than 4000 staff today

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