UnBEElievable Health in a box!

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The New ˜It Vit” the Cognoscenti are Taking to Keep Well.  The ˜innocent” of nutritional supplements?


UK based UnBEElievable Health, makers of BEE Prepared immune support aim to ˜make it easier for busy people to be healthier, naturally.


The products, which launched around 6 months ago, are stocked by around 150 stores including Planet Organic. It seems it’s the one product people don’t want to be without this season to help steer clear of colds & flus.



Lisa B: I take BEE Prepared to help keep my immune system on fighting form, being a mum of three boys aged 5 and under means I try and to stay as fit and healthy as possible – there is no time to be ill! 

Sahar Hashemi: (founder Coffee Republic):I love the products! I can swear they warded off oncoming flu. Love the packaging. Great stuff. I have no doubt it will be a hit.

Elizabeth Saltzman: (Celebrity Stylist & Ex Fashion Editor Vanity Fair): I don’t leave home without this stuff, it’s great. I even have my children taking it. It works. I now give it to my clients on fashion & film shoots (the product is said to be in the hands of Jessica Biel, Elle McPherson, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman & Gwyneth Paltrow among others). The product combines 4 hero ingredients which are known to be incredibly effective at helping support the immune system; bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf & beta glucans. 


What’s so great about BEE Prepared? 

  • Convenient all-in-one combo- all natural & Vegetarian Society approved
  • Generous amounts of  ingredients (mostly extracts) means fewer tablets to take
  • No unnecessary ingredients added that may be obtained through a healthy diet or multi vitamin so may be taken with most other supplements
  • Portion of proceeds of each box donated to Vitamin Angels Charitywww.vitaminangels.org
  • Raising awareness about the decline of the bees


Bursting with anti-oxidants and natural anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties, BEE Prepared helps keep the immune system fighting fit. May be taken daily for maintenance, before and during travel, when feeling run down or when under the weather. There is even a chewable for all ages 4+ (tasty and low in sugar the chewable is also great for sore throats). 


For ingredient info and recent press please see  www.unbeelievablehealth.co.uk 

Price: Capsules 16.99, Chewables 14.99 

Availability: www.nutricentre.com & www.victoriahealth.com & health stores



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