Vintage furniture with a twist

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I have always had a love of vintage furniture and have a dream to restore my granddads old rocking chair. Unfortunately though I never seem to have the time and its still sat in his lounge waiting to be brought to life once more.

If you’re like me and don’t have the time, or if you have the time but lack the inspiration then take a look at Joanna Murrays collection of furniture.

Joanna has combined the class of the old with the creativeness of the new and the chairs featured here are a personal favourite, fully restored, repainted and recovered in 100% Scottish linen, with Emily Bond’s saddleback pig print to add a touch of something different.

Perfectly placed in front of a window to catch the light or in a corner to add a touch of understated glamour. At £600 for the pair they are an elegant purchase we highly recommend.

Restored furniture makes a statement in any home, the character adds instant class and there is something about sitting on a chair that you know has a story behind it. When we came across Joanna website we were finding it hard pushed not to be drawn in by the beautiful furniture and the latest piece is perfect for making a statement in a room, and demonstrates how beautiful old chairs can be.  Vintage furniture can really look great in the right home, why not try mirrored furniture, its a bit different just like vintage furniture.

Take a look at the other beautiful pieces from Joanna’s collection at

1 Comment

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