Vype – the easy to use e-cigarette

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With Stoptober in full swing and people all over the country  giving up cigarettes, attentions turn to smoking cessation methods.  Historically the hideous gum and unsightly patches were the only way of delivering your nicotine hit whilst gradually reducing your dosage but times have changed technology wise to offer battery powdered nicotine vapour delivery systems.  These aren’t covered by the smoking ban and are allowed in public places.  Watch with these though!  You can’t use them just anywhere…airlines have banned them as have other establishments such as bars/restaurants.

E-Cigarettes are ideal for those people who have a social smoking habit or need one with a few drinks.  I can see them doing really well in pubs and clubs where people have had a few drinks and want a social smoke and hit of nicotine but don’t need a long term cessation method.

I liked the fact they come in handy handbag storage packs, there’s no ashy smell, there’s no hot ends – you can literally have two puffs and put it right back in your bag.

Comes in Red (18.6mg) Blue (12.5mg) or Menthol (12.6mg)


Free samples of Vype, with a normal price of £6.99, are available through www.goVype.com from today. A payment of £1.49 for postage & packing is required

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