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Previously only available in the UK via the car boots of “in-the know” beauty editors and make-up artists – cult French skincare brand Bioderma has finally hit our high streets!

Best known for their fabled micellaire water solution, not only perfect for sensitive skins but can also help with problem skin types too. Micellaire water is a French revolution – oil captured within tiny water molecules that smooths away any trace of makeup and impurities, leaving the skin glistening with cleanliness and health.

However there is more to Bioderma than just micellaire water.  The range is split into a number of areas but is designed to be mixed and matched if required – for example Sebium Micellaire Water for cleansing the face and Hydrabio to deeply hydrate specific areas such as cheeks if you have combination skin.  The three main product ranges are;

Sensibio -ultimately for sensitive skin but can be used by all.  Identified by their pink caps, this range is ideal for those with redness, sensitivity to most other skincare, tightness after cleansing.

Sebium – this range will suit best combination to oily skins.  Restores balance.  Green caps.

Hydrabio  – for dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Helps skin rebuild its own defences.  Blue capped items.

There are loads of products in the range so the best place to start is to identify your skin type or types and work from there.  The product pages on the Bioderma website are very helpful in pinpointing where to start – but like me, you may need a little of each type.  We’ve reviewed a product from each of the Sensibio, Sebium and Hydrabio ranges.

Sebium Pore Refiner – This gentle product does pack a powerful punch when it comes to pores.  Although I’ve not seen my pores shrink or disappear yet (I believe that no product can accomplish this as yet) it certainly tightens the area and although I can’t feel my pores they look a little better to the naked eye.  Time to cover them over with base!

H20 Micellare Solution in Sebium and Sensibio.  Okay the main differences between the two are as follows;  Green capped “Sebium” contains zinc, a very well known healer for acne prone skin as well as gingko biloba leaf extract.  The pink capped “Sensibio” contains soothing cucumber as it’s for sensitive skins.  Otherwise they act the same – the little oil in water molecule combos are highly effective cleansers and makeup removers.  Suitable for use multiple times daily this should be a must have in your skincare routine.

Hydrabio Serum – a delicate yet nourishing serum designed to hydrate skin before application of moisturiser.  Great for areas of the skin that need an extra boost. If you are like me and combination skin this is ideal for using on dry cheeks – for normal to dry skin it’s ideal for using all over and makes a smooth dry base for applying makeup.

Although this is named “Crealine” it is now more commonly known as “Sensibio”

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