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National Fitness Day (26th September 2014) saw the largest celebration of physical activity in the UK when hundreds of clubs, parks and leisure centres opened their doors to the public for free. And as a nation that sees reports of increasing obesity any measure to get people healthy is always welcomed.
That’s good news because research shows the fun element and social inspiration from exercising in company increases the likelihood of sticking at it.

We put blood, sweat, and tears into diet and exercise to achieve the ‘perfect bikini bod’ over the summer months, so why do so many of us fall off track once the cold weather and dark nights creep in? So for those of us who can’t resist diving into a box of chocolates (repeatedly), Wheyhey! Protein Ice Cream is the new alternative treat to keep you looking ‘ab-ulous’ all year long. Wheyhey! Protein Ice Cream is made from the highest-quality whey protein isolate, is low in fat and has its own natural sweetener* in place of sugar. It is also gluten free, and each 150ml tub contains just 165 calories.
Wheyhey! Protein Ice Cream is available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours, and incorporates protein into your diet in a tasty and fun way.

· Wheyhey is naturally sweetened with xylitol, a naturally occurring substance found in birch tree extract.

Purchase in the following outlets. RRP £6.50 per 500ml tub and £2.50 per 150ml tub:
Ocado –www.ocado.com
Musclefood – www.musclefood.com/
Holland & Barrett – www.hollandandbarrett.com/
Wholefoods – www.wholefoodsmarket.com
Planet Organic – www.planetorganic.com
As Nature Intended – www.asnatureintended.uk.com
GNC – www.gnc.co.uk
Urban Kitchen – www.theurbankitchen.co.uk
Fitness First
Nuffield Health – www.nuffieldhealth.com/

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