Yardley Polaire new fragrance launch and review

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Chypre is a traditional term for a fragrance that is structured a certain way. It became very popular in the 1920’s but the term has fallen out of fashion in recent years.  Classic chypres include Knowing (Estee Lauder) Mistouko (Guerlain) Bandit (Robert Piguet) and Aromatics Elixr (Clinique)

Modern chypre fragrances have various sub groups such as floral, fruity, green, woody-aromatic, leathery, and animalic notes, but can easily be distinguished by their “warm” and “mossy-woody” themes which contrasts with the fresh citrus top and a certain bitterness in the dry-down. The accord consists of:

  • Citrus: singular or blends of Bergamot, Orange, Lemon or Neroli
  • Oak moss: mossy and woody
  • Patchouli: camphoraceous and woody
  • Musk: sweet, powdery, and animalic. Usually synthetic in modern times.
Yardley say;
A modern floral chypre opening with a fresh, fruity, green top note of pear and freesia with a spicy floral heart of rose, ginger and pink pepper and a sensual powdery base of patchouli, amber and balsam
We say;

Yardley’s Polaire is introduced with a delicate art deco box – capturing the 1920’s feel of the fragrance.  The glass bottle and art deco lid both embody the spirit of the time period and would look right at home in amongst a well dressed table.

Yardley Polaire

We loved the freshness of the top notes – clean, crisp and floral – however I’m not sensing much pear…if you like something strongly pear fragranced this wouldn’t be the one to go for – it’s very subtle and well wrapped up in the pretty freesias.

Although rose is present in the heart notes – again it isn’t a strongly rose scented perfume – it’s well blended into the other ingredients to provide a more harmonious floral accord with a hint of warmth from the pink pepper.

Women and girls of all ages will love this fragrance – it’s subtle, pretty and  feminine. Apparently this is Yardley’s first “premium” fragrance but at £19.99 for 50mls it wipes the floor with many othe more expensive brands who don’t put as much thought into their juice.

Buy online at Yardley or in store at any Boots.

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