About Us

Simply Woman Magazine is a women’s lifestyle digital title targeting the 28-50 audience of women across the UK.  We are not a blog but we do write our product reviews from a personal point of view which we feel suits our audience age range and expectations.

We aim to bridge the gap between personal and highly subjective blogging and advertising biased magazines – to give the reader confidence to purchase the product if it meets their needs.


We have found out by talking with our readers over approximately 30 years old that they cannot identify with the 18-24 blogging community in the beauty world.  Often they engage with the internet on their lunchbreaks or on the train going home and cannot listen to YouTube videos so prefer a more traditional magazine layout.  They do, however, appreciate honest product reviews, swatches and personal images of the products.

Advertising rates

Site stats currently sit at approximately 15,000 unique users per month thanks to recent rise and SEO work.

Google Page Rank of 2

Twitter followers – 3164

Facebook Likes – 3325

Instagram Followers – 4.2k (111% Engagement rate)

Subscribers/User mailing list – 8200

All advertisers will also receive free tweets/FB coverage throughout the duration of their spend.


Brands – Featured image

Our “every page” featured image is a great way to maintain consistency of your message through the site.  Fake tan is a great example – you can buy it just about anywhere but this space is about the awareness.

Banner ads – top right hand side of front page and relevant page of your sector – eg beauty, fashion – this would link to a specific retail site to encourage a call to action for readers – eg 10% off or “Shop the new collection”

 Non retail brands such as insurance, hotels, flights, banking – please get in touch to discuss placement of your ad.


Be a featured retailer with your store’s banner inserted into posts relevant  to your store.  For example a beauty post about bronzers would link to the relevant page in a multi-brand retail store to encourage shoppers to browse the bronzers.  Perfect for multi-brand retailers, catalogue type fashion stores and department stores.

Banner ads – top right hand side of front page and relevant page of your sector – eg beauty, fashion

Sponsored post

As simple as it sounds, also known as an advertorial.  Either provide your own unique copy or I will write something for the piece.  Copy must be unique to this website due to new Google crackdowns on duplicate copy.  Images, links, social media directions – anything you want can be in there.

Blank canvas

Don’t see what you want here?  Get in touch and together we can come up with something that suits both of us.