3 Quick Human Resources Tips for Small Businesses

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One major concern facing small businesses is the need to hire and keep the best employees for the company. Human resources teams can ensure brands create and maintain a workplace culture that complies with ever changing laws and regulations by providing staff with the means of delivering the services and products that customers expect. However, not all businesses understand how best to manage their employees. Let’s discover 3 quick HR tips that can help your small business thrive.

Respect the Recruitment Process

In a small business, a gap in the team can be a huge concern. Although it can be tempting to rush into hiring the first person who seems qualified out of fear of losing money, in the long run, this can prove to be a costly mistake. HR departments should be heavily involved in the recruitment process to ensure new recruits fit in with company culture. Screening candidates and attracting the right person for a role is a key component to company growth and so strategies should be in place to seek out the best talent.

From working with managers to develop flexible work schedules, organising activities to generate a positive company culture, and communicating across departments to locate necessary qualifications and qualities required from new hires, HR teams should devote significant time to hiring. Above all, encourage your HR professionals to ensure candidates selected for interview will integrate within to the company effortlessly.

Invest in HR Software

Depending on the needs and size of your small business, there are a wide variety of HR software and platform solutions out there that can make managing employees that little bit easier. HR software can combine several processes and systems and enables businesses to organise employees and their data. Using HR software can streamline the onboarding process, coordinate your workforce, and create payroll policies so that you can save time that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks. However there are important security concerns if you are integrating these with 3rd party or external applications – consulting something like the owasp top ten will help you understand the security risks involved.

HR leaders can sync data relating to human resources effortlessly, reducing the workload and establishing a clear growth base plan. This makes it easier to set goals and communicate targets at a company or individual level. Managing time off can also be a challenge, but by providing opportunities for self-service leave requests and approvals it has never been easier to define and track different time-off types on a company calendar. Looking for Help choosing an HR tool? Doing some research online into HR software such as Zenefits can make your decision easier.

Offer Opportunities for Career Development

It is no surprise that employees who feel supported within a job role and are provided with the freedom to further their career are more likely to report higher levels of job satisfaction and remain with a company for the long haul. Additionally, retaining staff is all about offering regular training so that employees can pick up new skills and abilities that allow for progression in the workplace. Staff training can involve fun and engaging team building opportunities and courses as well as in-house events.

Corporate mentoring schemes are a cost effective and popular strategy for transferring knowledge, skills, and abilities between staff and can be organised relatively easily. By pairing mentors and mentees within a small business, employees can be given training and coaching through regular and interactive mentoring sessions. Mentoring programs can even be adapted to meet the needs and expectations of employees using feedback and furthermore, additional tools and resources can be provided at later stages if necessary.

In small businesses, where opportunities for a productive and tight-knit community workforce can prove highly lucrative, it is vital that HR departments establish good policies and practices that allow the business to grow. Knowing the best way to manage your employees is always going to involve an element of trial and error, but by implementing established strategies that work in the interest of your employees, the entire company can reap the rewards.  

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